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Fashion News: BPBFW Partners With HCG Foundation and Pink Hope


~ Pledging Support to Breast Cancer Awareness and raise funds for the cause~

Bangalore, July 19th, 2013: Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week Winter / Festive 2013 targeted at Breast Cancer Awareness joins hands with HCG Foundation and Pink Hope in its 9th Edition. The fashion week, organized by Dream Merchants, and scheduled to be held from 25th to 28th July, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza - Electronic City intends to raise funds for creating breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is one of most common forms of cancer and most people know someone dealing with this difficult disease. BP-BFW’s initiative is aimed at creating awareness and offer expert information for those dealing with this life-threatening disease. The fashion week, which has the voices of several celebrities and an audience of millions, is an excellent platform to create further awareness about breast cancer. The organizers also intend to raise funds during the occasion for the cause.

The funds collected from BP-BFW will be donated to the Pink Hope patient support group. HCG will then identify patients in critical stages of the disease who will be significantly helped from timely treatment. HCG will also ensure that the progress on the health of these patients is communicated to the organizers and contributors on a regular basis.
Several celebrities from various walks of life will also pledge for their support to the cause.
This edition of the fashion week will feature seminars and workshops on 28th July, 2013, the final day of the fashion week, featuring various personalities from the medical field and survivors of this ghastly disease.
Some of the other activities include:
·      The pioneering workshop on prevention, awareness and treatment of Breast Cancer will be conducted by two leading doctors and breast cancer survivors
·      Launch of a smart phone app for breast cancer by HCG
·      Leading designers such as Abhishek Dutta and Arjun Khanna will display their contribution through ‘Breast cancer awareness merchandise and a Pink Line show’ and an ‘Exclusive 'All Men Show' respectively.
·      The concept of 'Men are back' by Arjun Khanna, signifies male support to the disease. This would be the first for any Fashion Week to feature an all male Grand Finale.

“We are confident that the fashion community will join us in our initiative to support this cause as women form a very strong and integral part of the fashion industry. This is a disease that affects one in twenty Indian women in their lifetime and it is time that we all lent our support to those afflicted by it and create awareness about breast cancer. The prestige and credibility associated with the fashion week in spreading awareness is a great motivating factor,” Mr. Feroz Khan, Event Director - Dream Merchants said. “When breast cancer and its treatment overshadow everything, we see the woman underneath. The association of HCG with Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week themed at Breast Cancer Awareness is dedicated to providing emotional and practical support for Breast Cancer. Since its inception HCG has been a forerunner in promoting awareness of breast cancer issues and has evolved along with the national dialogue on breast cancer. This is the first campaign for better support and care to promote the importance of early detection, in support with Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week and we hope that we will be successful in our endeavor to spread the awareness,” Mr. Dinesh Madhavan, Director, HCG said.

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