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Spa Review: The Four Fountains Spa


If you are looking for relaxation, personal care and an experience that reminds you of what is important in life, then go to The Four Fountains Spa. I was invited to review the spa at Delhi and believe you me my beautiful followers, I had the time of my life. It was a rainy day and I was really apprehensive of doing this review and I love every bit of taking that risk and going in for it.

With work, a lot of work and never ending work I had been longing to go to a good spa to get some beauty treatment. Well yes, when we think of spa we thing of relaxation therapies but I choose it differently, I think spas can be the best places to undergo a skin and body detoxification. I am not a very big fan of spas for the very fact that you can undergo a similar treatment in a much more reasonable price at any beauty salon, but yes, The Four Fountains Spa has changed my perception.

The entire spa has a very warm and woody appearance, so much so that I wanted to stay back forever! The light aroma of lavender and lemon oil was surrounding the entire reception area. Once I chose my therapy, I was taken to the Energy room wherein my masseur took me through the room and the service. The spa room was very well set and lit, and disposable garments were put on the bed for a change. My massuer was very professional and she made me very comfortable in her company.

When I went to the spa at south ex, I was informed of various therapies for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty for men and women. These therapies include over 20 body massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials. Among all the therapies I chose The coffee and cane sugar body polish. So this process is for anyone who is looking at a skin exfoliation. The body polish consisted of cane sugar and coffee grains aimed to eliminate cellulite and moisturize the skin. This process was for a good 30 minutes and throughout the scrubbing and exfoliation it was the beautiful smell of coffee that did more wonders for me. This process was followed by a body wrap of my choice, and I choose the See-Weed body wrap that was again put for 30 minutes aimed to lighten the skin and balance the skin's oiliness.

Make sure you opt for their membership plan which will help you get your hands on some really cool deals and discounts.

An hour and a half later I walked out from the spa room feeling and looking all shiny and new! I loved my experience here and would recommend everyone to come an experience it for themselves to know how I feel about it! And yes, I have a better idea, host a SPARTY with your favorite friends here and you will love every bit of it! 

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  2. it looks a really relaxing place !

  3. Loved the place. how much did your therapy cost you?

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  5. It sounds like such an amazing place! I would love to go somewhere like this.

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  7. This place is amazing ;) Very beautiful photos ;)

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  8. What relax! The photos convey tranquility!

  9. Looks like u had fun..good choice of therapies.
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  10. Thanks for sharing as it is an excellent post would love to read your future post. Thanks for sharing as it is an excellent post would love to read your future post.

  11. This spa looks amazing and calming place. I would love to visit this spa. :) also, you wrote such an amazing review. :D

  12. It sounds like such an astounding spot! I would love to go some place this way.