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How To Dress Yourself Skinny!


Everyone including me has one of those days wherein no matter how much we love our meaty body we have, we too want to dress up skinny, which basically means to look illusion-ly toned. If there was word called as illusion-ly, but yes, never mind. I personally love my shape and my body but then there are those days when I want to accentuate my figure without having to worry about showing off my love handles yeah! So this post in true terms is dedicated to woman with curves.

Appearing skinny is as easy as looking curvaceous all the time. Just follow some pointers that I am sharing here to help you get through -


Get a peplm top, a peplum skit or a peplum dress. The beauty of Peplum is that it creates an illusion of a slimmer waist and more of an hourglass figure. So that means if you struggle with a triangular type or if you have more mass at the top then with a peplum you will add femininity and it will accentuate your torso by hiding your paunch.

Body Suit Marks and Spencers
Another most fabulous discovery I have done recently at Marks and Spencers is the bodysuit. A bodysuit with a crotch, no don't raise that eyebrow but instead be happy for a discovery that will help you tuck in all that additional fat which is so not toned. This is very good in giving you a flat stomach, yes it does. Even though you might think you dont want to wear anything tight or a layer might make you look fat, then no don't think or feel like that. Get a body suit spreads the wobbly skin evenly all over hence making you look thinner!


Boys reading this can actually switch to some other post right now because this happens to be a little secret of us women- the corset. You have seen actresses wearing it on all films, now get your hands on one of these for your own self Its very tight garment but it focuses on one single spot so that gives you amazing results and yes it helps you with your body postures too. Recommended for a really tight Birthday dress!


This is no brainer. I am sure you have heard a lot of people tell you that dark clothing, monochromatic clothing helps you appear slimmer. I'll just say that avoid going black all the time. If you want to make the thighs look slimmer, opt for a black tight pants with a frilly white colored top with prints.


No body likes muffin tops popping out of your pants! High waist pants are so flattering and great that you can tuck in your shirt, your blouse and still look sexy just like the women back in 80's and 90's. High waist skirts are great again, they will make an illusion of thinner waist and work great for work place. Pair a belt with that skirt and your hips and waist both will look smaller.

The last tip is that you highlight the part of your body that you are really proud of. If you have sexy pair of legs or perfect collared bones, highlight it all in the most classy way possible. Avoid putting tension to the places where you don't want to highlight, for say, you have a belly then don't really wear a crop top unless you are really confident and that's what you want to do.

And yes, looking at mirror is not going to help you look beautiful but loving yourself the way you are will...
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  1. Gorgeous post..n so helpful for curvy (read not in shape)women like me.


  2. really great tips !

  3. Thanks for these tips, they're all very true!

  4. We love peplum, it's very fetching!

  5. great stuff ..
    i am a new blogger :) pls check out my blog and give it some love!