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Nutella Breakfast with Love!


Contributed by Priya

Nutella, strawberries and butter is a food for the brave ones, the ones who wouldn't compromise on taste, calories, sin food ever. Weekends are for indulgence and here is a very simple yet a very creative recipe shared by Priya who happens to be a budding food photographer on how to woo your husband with a weekend breakfast, made with love, literally!

For the recipe you need, Nutella, butter 250 gms, 2 eggs, sweetened whipped cream 5 Tbl spoon and fresh strawberries. The quantity is up-to you, depending how many people you make it for. This recipe is with a lot of twist to the traditional french toast that we eat hence you can add cinnamon, sugar, maple syrup and other ingredients that you like in this recipe.

Once you have all the ingredients, just heat your pan with all the butter and in the meanwhile usinga heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out the bread. If you don't have the cookie cutter, just use  aknife to cut out a heart shape. This will just add on to some creativity, you can give this step a miss if you want. 

Once the pan is heated in butter, Just soak the bread in eggs for at least a minute and place the bread on to the hot pan just the way you do it in a french toast. Let the bread pieces be golden brown till you take them off the pan. 

Let the bread slices cool for a minute till you apply a layer of nutella or else the nutella will melt away in a hot bread lice. After you have spread a thick layer of nutella, add some fresh strawberries and then apply a layer of whipped cream. It should look like 3 different layers of a sand-which. On top of whipped cream add another slice of bread and repeat the same till you get 3 bread pieces stacked up with this yummy filling!

In the end, garnish the top most layer with whipped cream and sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Your yummy Nutella love is ready to be served. Serve it with cold milk and get ready to be flattered with all compliments from your loved ones!

Recipe & Photos courtesy Pinterest
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  1. Wow awesome Loved it tasty Recipe dear :)

  2. you have a lovely blog <3 omg that looks so yummy i will try it out very soon!!
    kisses ♥

  3. oh my - i would pay a lot of money for that right now! xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  4. Love your blog so much. You are such an insteresing person, my dear. We can also follow each other on GFC + bloglovin, if you like☺
    Lots of Love, Esra♡

  5. Wow... Lovely dishes.. Will going to try these tomorrow.
    Food & Tripadvisor

  6. Thank you for sharing this delightful recipe. I can hardly wait to try it.