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Flashy Two-piece Undergarment, Worth £500,000, is made of 3kg of Gold!


A Chinese designer has unveiled an extraordinary set of underwear made entirely of gold. 
The flashy garments are made of 3 kilograms of the precious metal - and would set you back more than half a million pounds. 

But unfortunately for wealthy fashionistas, the two-piece has been produced as a work of art and is not for sale. Today, a model showed off the dazzling lingerie at a gold shop in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province.  

She walked gracefully through the store while modelling the underwear, which took five experienced goldsmiths half a year to make.

The garments are made up of about 5million yuan's (£501,000) worth of gold, according to China News. 
The unnamed woman was joined by two other models - both of whom posed with glittering gold accessories, including necklaces, a shoe and a rabbit.

And in May this year, luxury lingerie brand Rococo Dessous - made by former Victoria's Secret designer Breanna Lee - produced a collection of undergarments made from 24-Karat gold thread.
The lavish collection features gilded bras, underwear and nightgowns that all incorporate the thread, which comes from a special Swiss gold fabric.

It takes its inspiration from royal women in history, including Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette and Tsarina Alexandra - with prices ranging from $3,000 (£1,820) to $6,000 (£3,640) for a set.

Images and Artcle Source: Dailymail

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