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PARTY ALERT: Breezer Launches Indi Mix – Aam Panna & Nimbu Paani Flavours


I have been a big fan of Bacardi Breezers since a long time now! But it's the two new flavors of the breezer that have managed to grab my attention. Adding an Indian touch for its fans, BREEZER under their new range “Indi Mix” has launched two new desi inspired flavours. This launch marks the first time a global beverage brand has incorporated truly Indian flavours. These new flavours, Nimbu Paani and Aam Panna are now available all across.

With absolutely no party scheduled at my place, breezers really did light up my evening! I love the Aam Panna flavor without a doubt. It's a well balanced drink with a right hint of spice mix and of-course kaccha (raw) mango. The first sip tastes like a conventional aam panna drink but soon you get a kick of alcohol that adds a slight acidity to it. Nimbu Pani is another flavor that has a good blend of sweet and salty. It's the flavor of spices that is absolutely well done. Nimbu pani has a subtle taste of masala that you would generally add to your glass of Lemonade. The Indi Mix's new range of drinks invokes deeply cherished childhood memories and yes they go really well with our desi snacks, like masala peanuts, Lays and much more.  Do try the new flavors and let me know which was was your favorite by dropping a comment below! Breezer Indi Mix is yet another example of the ongoing endeavor by the brand to introduce exciting new products based on the evolving tastes of discerning Indian consumers. 

Before I sign off, here are the words of wisdom from the brand: LIVE PASSIONATELY. DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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