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A Pizza With No Crust, KFC launches First-Ever No Crust All-chicken Chizza!


The most extraordinary thing ever to happen to KFC’s signature hot and crispy chicken fillet is the all NEW CHIZZA with crispy toppings, yummy molten cheese, signature pizza sauce but NO CRUST! 

Only 100% REAL CHICKEN as the base. Flavored with condiments like oregano and chilli flakes, the Chizza is a chicken lover’s dream come true. Within a period of 4 days the promotional campaign for the site saw over 9 million impressions; over 40,000 registrations.

Available when: Starting December 18
Available Where: Chizza will be available across KFC stores in India, 
Price of Chizza: Priced at just Rs 169!  

All photos courtesy The Tummy Train

*Available only for a limited period

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