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Ultimate Christmas Cake Inspirations From Pinterest


It's that time of the year when everything looks absolutely dressed up and all you want to do is EAT. Not sure if it's applicable for one and all, but in my case I only want to bake-eat-repeat. Actually this holiday season has made me really lazy and I am just happy looking at yummy cakes on Pinterest. Here are too 10 Christmas cakes that are absolutely droool worthy...

All I need is a cranberry cake this winters and a hot cup of tea because coffee is too mainstream. this cake loaf looks absolutely delicious, isn't it?

A cake that will be a star of all holiday meals. Meet Mr. white cake with cranberry filling and orange butter cream, yummmminess all the way.

A Christmas without chocolate, of course not! The glazing chocolate dripping on chocolate peppermint cake is all that I want for Christmas this year.

I can turn my life upside down for this mouth watering Cranberry-Raspberry Upside Down Cake. I want, I want, I want!

Ferrero Rocher filled brownies, who all are wanting to dive in this beauty??! I know I can't be the only one after all. #nomnom

Peppermint cheesecake is the flavour of the season. And what better than a trifle? A spoon and my favorite film and I can pull it off super easy. :P

This red velvet cheesecake looks absolutely divine. I want to eat this cake and that and that one too because it's C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S time!

This is such a pretty chocolate meringue cake with fresh berries-a beautiful holiday presentation!

Marble fudge cake with berries anyone? This is glutton free, and looks no less tasty. What do you guys think?

Strawberry cheese cake with Oreo chocolate crust. Don't say I didn't warn you at the beginning, okay maybe I didn't!!!!

I don't mind getting fat as long as I get to eat all of these this Christmas! I have given source links under each picture so that you can follow the recipe if you want. For the love of food, don't forget to share this post on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I know I am being lazy but I am not that lazy. So guess what, I have a yummy 6 minute instant brownie recipe in this post. Watch my step by step video tutorial below and have a yummy Christmas.

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