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#VeetIt: Everything you Wanted To know About Hair Removal Creams


Hair removal creams are inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair. But more than that, they are a also safer alternative to shaving or more refined hair removal techniques. In India because salons and parlors are available at our disposal, we often opt for waxing over any other method of hair removal. However, because of time constrains and last minute plans, hair removal creams have become super popular with time.  Today's post is a detailed guide on hair removal creams and why it is an absolute safe bet to use products from Veet.  

How Does Hair Removal Cream Work?
Your hair removal creams are basically chemical depilatories. The hair removal creams have ingredients that react chemically with the hair and these chemicals in turn break down the hair keratin hence making it easy to wipe away the unwanted hair. It is like your hair is dissolving and crumbling away.

How To Choose The Best Cream For Your Skin?
Hair creams cater to different hair texture and type. But before you use any hair removal cream, it is important to understand your hair and kin type. those with sensitive skin are advised to use milder formulas with moisturizers such as aloe and fruit extracts. If you have coarse, or hard hair then a normal cream type is appropriate for your skin. Undergo trials before you finalize the cream for your skin type.

How To Test The Hair Removal?
It is best to conduct the patch test on the forearm. In a small portion of the forearm, apply the cream for the indicated product time. Observe for atleast 24 hours for any redness or irritation. Also check if any inflammation has happened. If everything looks normal, start swearing by that product! 

How To Remove Hair With Hair Removal Cream?
Apply a thick, even layer of Veet over the hair you want to remove. You can use a spatula or run your fingers to spread the cream. If the cream gets applied unevenly, then hair will come off in patches so make sure you spread it well. Leave the cream on for the amount of time recommended in the directions. Once you check on the time, use a damp washcloth or spatula to wipe off the cream. Don't run the cream, just wipe it gently and do not forget to rinse the are with warm water. Make sure that the cream has been removed properly so that it doesn't react with the skin later or cause any irritation. 

How To Deal With Skin Post Hair Removal?
Take a shower or bath to ensure that the product is washed off properly. Apply a moisturizer to the affected area to keep it smooth and hydrated once the hair has been removed. Also, wear loose clothes so that your skin doesn't feel too sticky or irritated.

Hair Removal Cream For Pubic Area or Bikini Area
This part of information should be handy for every girl who can't take the pains of waxing in the intimate areas. The best way to apply hair removal cream is to trim down your hair as much as you can and then spread a very thin layer of the product around the genital area. You can use Veet hair removal creams around your bikini line, but take care not to make a deep contact with your organs and tissues. After you’ve removed the hair wipe the cream away as much as you can. Then carefully wipe it with a wet cloth or sponge. 

Recommended Products
I have been loyal Veet user even though I prefer waxing over any other form. But for my quick fixes and last minute hair removal I only use Veet. You don’t need to worry about your skin darkening when you use Veet. To get the best result when you depilate, exfoliate 24 hours before using Veet products. Also, the Veet Wax Strips are designed to remove hair as short as 1.5mm (1/16th inch), that’s like a grain of sand to you and me, so you don’t have to wait for hair to grow long before waxing again. 

Hope this post was helpful! Do share your thoughts on the hair removal creams by dropping a comment below. 

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