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#Confessions: Why Oral Sex Is A Bigger Deal Than Sex


If you are reading this then we'd like to quote Samantha Jones who shared this epic quote, "Honey, they don't call it a JOB for nothing." It is not like every man can get a blowjob (we are damn serious about this one). Going down on someone isn't a mindless act, it is way more complicated than sex and yes it requires concentration, patience, selflessness and love above all. It is much more intimate and it only comes with a lot of trust (you wouldn't just do it on anyone, right?).
Sex is instant while Oral sex has a lot to do with embracing one another. If you are drunk you can probably get a P inside the V but can you really, with all your dedication give a man (you are only attracted to) a good blow job? Also, if you are giving a blow job you are giving that person some level of fun and satisfaction that you might not get back in return. This may even mean putting your pleasure aside for a while or even facing some discomfort simply because you want to make your man happy. This in turn means that you value the other person's emotion a little more! You really do care about the other person, don't you?!!!

Hooking up with someone can be thoughtless but oral sex on the other hand requires attention and focus. Let's face it, when you go down on a man you really concentrate hard and you are way more careful about their expressions, how they feel at that moment and if you are going too hard or too slow on them. 

And finally here's why you need to know that oral sex is a bigger deal. A woman will put an extra effort and go down on a man that she is fond of and the one she REALLY likes. It's like your own action takes a backseat for the pleasure of your partner and that ultimately proves why it is a bigger deal.

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  1. This is very very true! There is a lot more than goes into the act itself....and that makes it a bigger deal for sure.

  2. I think it becomes a bigger deal because of the entirely new experience, its just not your plain vanilla P in the V. I agree with you, its a huge commitment we make to our men. Even for us gay guys! :)

    PS. recently started reading your blog and really love it!