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LOVE101: Here's Why You Need To Be Your Authentic Self


If I could do it to you, I could very well do it to myself!
Do you have a favorite kind of drug, your preferred poison? Mine keeps changing from brunettes to heroin to being an artist. Some might call this a dark time of one's life. I call it enlightenment and opening up to a new world. In my opinion, everyone should have a particular poison to take them to a 'Tomorrow World'. 

Why should you be confined to the shackles of the society? Open up to your valor, your alter-ego. 

You will never procrastinate any desire that your better half wishes for. The world might come to an end, but that desire won't go unfulfilled. You're scared, your world might come crumbling down, if you don't adhere to the needs of your hypocrite lover. But what you don't realize is that, when you started satisfying the needs of others, you actually started killing your own wants. Your life is a hard work of learning through your own mistakes. Gain from them. Show your flaws, but as your strength. If you could do for them, you can it do for yourself. Love yourself first. Let each of your vein become one of you. Be your own choice of poison. Get high on yourself, before you get high on life and alcohol...and drugs...and then some gorgeous piece of art in life, wherein the passion of the almighty is pretty evident. My life’s work. Women! 

Be your own. Before you become someone else's. That's unbecoming!

If you could do it for them. You could do it for yourself too.

- Written by Samraat Chiranjeev Prasad for @Teamguiltybytes

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