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WELLA Professionals Enrich Treatment!


Hair tend to dry out due to the weather or the extensive use of heat and styling products and in this 
case it is very important to moisturize our strands. To make every day a good hair day, investing in a professional hair moisturizer/cream becomes essential. Talking about hair care, WELLA is a name one can count upon. Its products are well-customized according to the needs of Indian hair. The WELLA Professionals Enrich Treatment for dry and damaged hair is also a player in the WELLA Enrich team and I must say that the game it plays is mighty fine. So, let’s talk about this product a little more in detail for you to decide whether you would want to buy it or not.

The product is packed in an orange plastic bottle and comes in a 150 ml packaging. The one I’m using now is a 25 ml sample size which came as a part of my Fab Bag. The container is sturdy and not a bad deal to carry during travelling.

One thing which takes over your mind when you start using the hair moisturizer is its fragrance. The product is a thick paste in white which does not spill and contains silk proteins at the same time. It has to be massaged in the scalp as well as the hair after shampooing for five minutes and rinsed with water. Upon doing the same you will feel the product easily seeping into your scalp and a small amount is needed for all your strands. Once the hair dries, it feels really smooth and in my case, frizz free to an extent.
The hair moisturizer is not suitable for oily hair as it contributes in making the scalp oily quite quickly. People with oily hair should not use the product on the roots but just on the tips.

The product retails for INR 525 for a 150 ml bottle and INR 99 for a 25 ml one. But I can assure that the product is worth every penny you spend if you have dry and damaged hair.  Also, it would last you a long time.

I would recommend this product to those with dry hair. Do not use it after every wash but resort to using it twice a week. For people with oily hair, you might find the product not paying off well, so it’s better to invest in some other moisturizer suitable for your hair type.

- Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

Disclaimer: Images are not original work of and have been used for reference purpose only.

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