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5 Easy Yet Creative Ideas To Make Your Bachelorette Party A Success


Bachelorette is a huge milestone for the bride- to-be and why not? After All, this is her last night as an official single lady. The night where tons of memories will be made even if one won't remember it the next day very clearly! But this is also one night that your bride will thank you for and being her friend or sister, it is by default your responsibility to make this night supremely special for her. While organizing this epic party, make sure you check out our 5 ideas and include the following:

1.Synchronised Clothing:
Yup you and your other girlfriends form the bride tribe and everyone around should be aware of that. Let the bride wear a different colored outfit so that she stands out in all photos always. 

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2. An Explicit Cake
With designer cakes becoming such a rage, it is important to get a fun and pretty looking cake for the bride to be. Don;t forget to open some champagne along with the cake cutting! 

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3. The Sash And Crown:
Because it’s her night she should be allowed to feel on top of the world. Get the traditional Sash and Crown and all be ready to hail to the queen.

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4. Hangover Kit:
Essentially this will be used the next day but this sure is important hand it out to everyone and be the savior Whilst everyone thanks you for this deed.

5. Framed Gift:
A photograph will be too mainstream so instead why not all the guest frame out their lipstick marks or nail paint stain of each one. It will be the most unique gift ever.

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BTW we also have a metallic smokey eye tutorial for you that you can easily wear to a bachelorette party! Watch,, share and subscribe.

- Aastha for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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