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Beauty Concern - 4 Things you should NEVER Do to a Pimple


Go upto any woman, in any corner of the world and just say 'pimple.' Well, do I need to tell what her reaction is going to be? Pimples keep the capability to spoil not only your face but your entire day! The worst part is, that at some point of time, pimples and acne happen to almost every woman. Be it due to hormonal changes or just the season, pimples are the guests you never welcome.

But to avoid pimples increasing from 2 to 4 and many more, it is very important to keep in mind a few things.

1. Avoid touching the pimple
We all know how hard it is, but yes! You should touch your pimple as less as possible to avoid further inflammation.

2. Do not use your medicine only on the Pimple
Now this is very important as the pimple is not the only problem but your skin is. When you apply any cream/ointment to dry the pimple out, do not aim it only for a particular pimple. Identify the problematic area of the skin and apply a thin layer of cream on that entire area.

3. DO NOT Pop it
Well well, I'm sure all you ladies are guilty of having done so tonnes of times. Popping a pimple is literally the most uncontrollable things but actually the worst you could do to your skin. Popping usually tends to leave scars behind which tend to become permanent residents on your skin.

4. Say No to Makeup
I wouldn't say makeup would spoil it further but it will surely do no good. Also, using makeup brushes which have some amount of bacteria and other germs on it can affect your already sensitive skin.

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