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Clown Contouring - The Weird yet Wonderful makeup technique


No more is contouring an unfamiliar technique for us Indian beauties. A chiseled jaw, sleek and structured nose and an edgy look has become a part of our party makeup routine. But recently came an upgrade to the usual contouring called the 'clown contouring.'

'Clown Contouring' is not just a technique but a transformation. It involves creating a clown-like face with makeup before blending it all in and letting the magic happen. Clown Contouring surely cannot be done on a regular basis for a casual look but it's perfectly sculpted finish can fetch you a lot of compliments on weddings and other such occasions.

Though Clown Contouring appears to be a funny concept but using the right tools, techniques and products, it can work wonders for your face. So ladies, would you try to contour your face the clown way?

Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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