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10 Things That Defined 90's Indian Birthday Party!


Are you a 90's baby? or did you attend too many birthday parties in the 90s? Well, then here are 10 things you'll definitely relate to in this post.  

1. Best party snacks ever- Uncle chips + Green wali Frooti

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2. Every birthday party boasted of the famous "CHOWMINEEE"

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3. Before fondant and photo cakes became a rage, there was this super yummy Black Forest Cake!

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4. Remember playing the super fun musical chair? Well I never really won any :(

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5. And then, dancing with your best friend or your senior that you were crushing on for a paper dance competition.

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6. Do you even remember the last time you had such a good time?! Nobody ever wanted the music to turn off EVEERRR!

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7. How much fun it was to fill the "showstopper" birthday balloon with toffees, ribbons, candies and sparkles. No kid gave a damn about the birthday cake when that balloon was touched. 

8. All every kid ever wanted was the tallest looking birthday hat! Some often remain unimpressed with what they got. 

9. Some birthday parties extended to a super fun activity called as the bouncy castle.

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10. Finally, no birthday party was ever complete without a perfect return gift! There were pencil boxes, cool sharpeners, erasers, cookies and more.

Oh dear childhood, we miss you!

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