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7 Genius DIYs To Organize Your Makeup This Festive Season


Cleaning your house in the festivities makes your realise that your vanity is flooded with countless lipsticks, lip glosses, brushes, eye/lip pencils and what not. The festive season cannot be a better occasion to set it all in place so that it looks more organised as well as pretty.

Here are some cool yet easy DIY ideas to organise your makeup that will make your life simpler and your room beautiful too at the same time.

1. Copper Glasses Organiser
Store your lip-glosses, pencils, mascaras, kohls, eyeliners and lip tints/crayons in these beautiful shiny copper glasses which provide a lot of room for your makeup products.

2. Dinnerware Organiser
Everybody owns some old plates and cups which can be used as it is or even painted with the help of spray paints to match the interiors of your room. This organiser can also adjust your jewelry so that it remains tangle-free and in place.

3.One for the Brushes
Makeup brushes tend to go haywire on your vanity table and they are the ones which need to get into place at the earliest. This DIY can be a great idea to display all your brushes so that you can simply pick one out easily.

4. Hang it Down
If your vanity table is overflowing, you can stack your lipsticks this way. This organiser can also fit in nail polishes, makeup sponges, wipes and other small sized bottles. 

5. Nail Paint Organziser
Wrap an empty shoe box in pretty paper, and fill it with your favorite polishes. Make sure to paint the top of each bottle cap with the color inside, so you can easily find the shade you're looking for.

6. Lipstick Cutout Box
Deconstruct and old box and then decorate the surfaces by applying cutouts of paper to hold the lipsticks followed by some paint or lacquer. You can add glitter, ribbons or ore to make the box look pretty.

7. Magnetize Your Powders and Blushers 
Take a flat metal sheet and cover it with a very fine prinitd paper to make it look attractive. Then glue small magnets to the back of each product and stick it on the metal sheet. This is a super organisation technique and will also ensure that everything is at one place. 

- All Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes.

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