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#GuiltyConfessions: 5 Things Men Want Their Women To Try In Bed


We did a survey among 15 men and asked them what they really enjoy in bed and would love their partner to try. Well, the information we gathered was super exciting! Here are a few things that you need to try out the next time you are in bed with your guy to surprise him.

#1 Be Nontraditional and Expressive

Break away from the usual routine sex place a.k.a the bed and try different places in the house. Men fantasize about making love in different places like the kitchen, sofa, floor, on the rug, the dining table, the terrace(if possible), in the car et al. Also its very important to be experssive about your pleasure during sex. Men get excited to see their partner enjoying themselves. Tell them what you like, where you want to be touched and see the effect.

#2 Trying New Things

After a certain point even sex becomes boring and that why its very important to communicate and share fantasies. Men love it when women come out of their comfort zone and act out fantasies like role playing for instance. It not only helps in better connection but also keeps the sex life spicy.

#3 Don't Turn Off The Lights

Men also agreed that they like to make out with lights on! To see your partner enjoying what you are doing to them is pleasure multiplied by 100. Most men find it arousing to see their partners not being conscious about their body. So stop stressing out about your scars or curves. More lights leads to better connection, if you know what we mean.

#4 Self Caressing

Men love their women to be confident in their own skin. Self caressing or touching during the deed is a real turn on to them. Nothing attracts a man more in a woman than being guided by the lady as to where they like to be touched and adored. They find it hot to see their lady connected to her own inner sexuality.

#5 Getting An Oral

Men get super turned on with Orals. Nothing can get them in mood better than Bj's. They love it when the lady takes charge and surprises them with some intense actin down there.

Hope this survey helps you all steam up your love sessions! We have to thank all the men who helped us put together this blog post. Ladies, our last word would be that just be confident, tease your man slowly and then show all your moves, leaving them craving for more.

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