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Learn How To Become A Successful Home Baker


An Army Wife's Guide To Becoming A Successful Home Baker 

Being an Army officers wife you have the privilege to eat desserts, cake and all things sweet that your probably won't have imagined of having ever! No we are not talking about a moist chocolate cake but are talking about This Italian dessert typically made from sponge finger biscuits, espresso coffee, mascarpone cheese, eggs, cream, sugar, Marsala wine, cocoa, and rum, (all this happens to be one single dessert). If you love the idea of desserts as much as we do then think about it seriously!

With so many home bakers and chefs sprouting up in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, you could be the one having a perfect start in a station like Nasik, Faridkot or Ranchi for that matter! 

How To Start?

1. Before you start, you can pick up a small time course in cake designing, cake decoration, fondant making from places like CCDS, WiltonIndiaStudio 15 by Pooja Dhingra etc. There are a lot of places in big cities offering these and you don't have to enroll yourself in a year long course. You can pick up 2 weeks- 4 weeks courses and get a hands on training on these skills. Cake decoration is in a big demand, and in smaller cities you could be cutting an edge with these skill sets.

2. Once you are have brushed some skills on you, it's time to Create a Strong Product. Most people decide to launch their foray into the world of small business ownership because they have an exceptional product. Perhaps friends have sung infinite praises of your pies, or everyone who tries your cookies believes baking is your destiny. On this website, you can buy necessary equipment online- Shop

3.  Think about achieving profitability.When creating your baked goods, you want to make sure you are offering a product that can hold its own. If you are going o use finest products, real butter etc then make sure you have enough margins in it. 

4. Host tea parties at your place and host tasting session for your fiends and neighbors around. This will give evrryone an idea about your skills and how serious you are about the business. If someone asks for a recipe, just don't disclose it but instead say you are planning to hold basic level workshops for novices.

5. Create a Facebook page and market yourself. Even if you don't grow into a full fledged business, you will still end up getting a few orders through Facebook that will give you all the satisfaction you need! Make sure you put right address, contact details on the Facebook page. Here's a guide on how to create a FB page: Click. 

6. You can resume summer camps. Tell your friends who have kids to send in their kids while you help them learn cupcakes, cake pops, the art of icing, chocolate pudding etc. Kids will love this fun filled class and you won;t end up spending a lot of money organizing too. Of-course you must charge per child basis. Take photos, upload them on your social media channels. Remember, you are your own PR company! Share and spread the word. 

7. Take you business to another level by tying up with AWWA, schools, NGO and other organisations and become a teacher with them.. This will help you make money and hep you empower so many others around you.

8. After investigating all your options and all the requirements for starting a bakery business from home, you may realize that a home bakery is simply not in your future. There is no shame in continuing to bake as a hobby for your friends and family. Chances are that your talents and treats will brighten a day here and there, which will keep you driven and dedicated even if you do have to keep your day job. 

Listen to your heart and give it try, after all your man can't be the only one doing all the hard work! 

- Contributed by Mrs. Sneha Sharma, a proud Army wife and a successful (gypsy) home baker

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