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My Greens Juice Cleanse, Review, Delivery And Price In India


Cold pressed juices are the new trend and after indulging in too many sweets this Diwali I was more than happy to undertake My Greens Juice cleanse for one day. What I love about the cold pressed juices is that they ensure that no nutrients of the fruits and vegetables are lost. Okay, so if you are wanting to ask me as to how a cold pressed juice is better than a home made juice or packaged juice then here's what you need to know... Packaged juices contain preservatives, sugar and are pasteurized and the juices made at home rob the nutrition of fruits and veggies simply because of the heat and air introduced during the blending or the juicing process. Now that I have given you enough dope on juicing, here's what all I tried with My Greens.

I started my day with Metabolize which is stocked with pectin, sulphur, soluble fibre, and several other digestive agents & enzymes. This drinks facilitates overall digestion and you can taste apple and spinach the most. As much as it looks like a green (not so appetizing drink), it was easy to taste and consume. The drink has apple, cumin powder, honey, kale, mint, spinach and tamarind. It doesn't have any added sugar and yes it keeps you full for breakfast. I only remember eating an apple around 11 am before I went on to the next drink. 

Drink 1 was followed by Charge, a natural energizer that works on energy levels. I loved the flavor of carrot in particular with a hint Melon Melody that comes with watermelon that helps in removing toxins from the body. I love the aroma of mint it sports along with chia seeds that are fun to chew.  It was sweet and it kept my hydrated for long. The drink is packed with carrots, apples, lemon, orange and pineapple. For lunch I only had this juice along with some boiled vegetables and while I felt a little hungry I continued to work and keep myself busy and that kind of worked. Around my tea time, I drank some green tea and had 2 digestive biscuits followed by my third drink which was super tasty and healthy.

The last drink of the day was Pine Pleasure, which was basically a tangy mix of pineapple, apple & mint. For those who love eating pineapple like I do, this may just become your go to drink. It also enables better digestion and is super tasty! I was hungry for dinner and felt that I perhaps needed a 1 or 2 more drinks for the day but having said that, the juice cleanse did make me feel super light and kept my hunger at bay. 

The packaging was impressive and so was the delivery. Every morning you will have delivery boy come and give you the juice bottles that are required for the day.

So for anyone who is looking at a juicing day, I will suggest that you opt for a 2 day cleanse minimum which will cost around INR 1350 per day. The cleanse will include 5-6 bottles of the cold pressed juice that you can even customize for yourself. You can get more details on the juices and the pricing on

Quick Tip: Opt for a juice sample before going in for any program. 

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