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10 Reasons Why You Miss Your College Life On A Monday Morning At Work


The shortest horror story we all know or have ever known is called - MONDAY. I hate to wake up to a Monday morning because just like everyone else, I begin to get blues on a Sunday evening and then I have to survive an early morning traffic, stinker emails from clients, incessant dirty looks from my boss (for not answering phone on a Sat morning) and so much more! There are multiple reasons as to why we miss being a college student in our life, but these 10 reasons will make you realize why college life was so much better than making money and growing up :P

1. College is the last time you'll have absolutely ZERO responsibility! 

2. It is socially acceptable to be an "Immature" professional (during group presentations, assignments and paperwork).

3. Your schedule is wide open and you have the joy on not doing a 9-5 ever!

4. Because it is acceptable to skip a lecture, miss an assignment and still come to college #LikeABoss.

5. Having a dedicated day of hangover recovery happened only during college days. At work, well coffee cups become your bff on a Monday morning,

6. Because weekend happened during mid week and Fri-Sat-Sun were just another ordinary set of days.

7. Summer holidays, puja holidays, winter holidays and every other day mass bunk holiday that ever happened.

8. It was acceptable and absolutely OKAY to be POOR!

9. Pulling an all nighter for a presentation was FUN only activity during college unlike WERK!

10. But mostly, you'll just miss your college life maybe because it is a MONDAY today.

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