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#JustIn: Delhi To Witness Crazy Traffic With 25,000 Weddings Scheduled Tonight!


Brace yourself for a Monday that may not be your favorite one! Delhi is all set to witness highest number of weddings this season. According to HT, Around 25,000 weddings will happen in the capital as apparently it is an auspicious day today. {#FacePalm}

Why 7th December Only?

Well the auspicious period today is also called as Ansuya Lagan. During this phase, Rahu, Ketu and Shani will not interfere with any other planet which will lead to a harmonious life of the married couple. 

For commuters it is going to be another day of CRAZY, CRAZY traffic, especially in the evening when the baraats are out on the roads. So what are you waiting for? Leave your workplace now! Also, 12th or 13th will break the record for tonight, so this information should help you plan your next week.

Good Luck Ya'll! I am home already :D

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