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#RumourHasIt: Ranbir Kapoor And Katrina Kaif Are Headed For A Breakup Because Of Deepika!


The lovebirds Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina who have been keeping their relationship under wraps for the longest possible are heading towards splitsville according to the sources of The sources on the website quote that "It is not working out between them. They have had differences ever since Ranbir went on a major publicity drive with Deepika Padukone for Tamasha."

Rememer when we told you all about Deepika and Ranbir's rocking chemistry at the Tamasha promotions? Seems like Katrina was not happy with Ranbir when he started making too many public appearances with his ex- girlfriend. 

But no one can imagine that their love story which was to be culminated into marriage would end like this that too in the end of 2015. Also, their breakup will not be simple because they have to complete their shooting for Jagga Jasoos! Well, If this rumor is true then we are feeling very heartbroken!

Sob ! Sob! :(

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