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5 Super-Easy Ways to Make your Kajal Smudge-Proof and Last Longer


Kajal is the ultimate go-to product for Indian beauties. Indian women are never done without applying generous strokes of kajal in the upper and lower waterline for tight-lining as well as as a liner for some occasions. But if you have not opted for a very high-end luxury kajal, you may find it smudging after 6-7 hours and giving you unnatural dark-circles.

So, in order to not look a panda during office hours, a date or a regular outing, Follow these easy tips and tricks and flaunt those beautiful eyes all day long.

  • Do not darken the kajal too much if you are applying it on your lower waterline. For the upper lid, make sure that the line is not too thick as it more prone to smudging. 
  • Make sure your lids are totally clean and matte before going in with the kajal. Oily lids can make the kajal smudge sooner. 
  • Once you are done applying kajal as a liner, do not forget to dab a little compact translucent powder on it. In case you do not have a translucent powder, a thin layer of a regular talc would also work. 
  • For the lower waterline, apply the kajal and top it with a black eye-shadow. This gives greater intensity to the kajal and also keeps it in place. 
  • Prefer buying a smudge-proof kajal which promises a staying power of 8-10 hours. If you are looking for a budget buy, the Lakme Iconic Kajal is a must have.   
Work them eyes girl!

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