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In Review: Pepper Tap App


Imagine a situation when you get called on my your friends who want to visit your house for a quick meal and you realize that you don’t have anything fancy to serve or still worse- most of the grocery looks out of the order! Sometimes it is just unmanageable to prepare everything well in advance no matter what and that is exactly when technology bridges the gap for a seamless working. I discovered Pepper Tap on an afternoon when I had to host a few friends and I can’t deny that it has been making our lives more convenient especially when it comes to grocery shopping. 

To get started all you have to do is to logon to Pepper Tap and download the app. The app in specific has a very user-friendly interface that by the way also provides a wide selection of products to choose from (you are going to be spoilt for choice here). Pepper Tap’s biggest strength lies in its delivery process. They start delivering from 10 am and go on till 10 pm and it is tremendously easy to schedule the delivery within 2 hours of placing the order. I really do recommend their delivery timelines, a rare in online grocery sopping pace ☺

The product selection includes groceries; fruits and vegetables, home and hygiene products. The app also offers breakfast and dairy products along with bath and wellness products. If you happen to order for your grocery valued above INR 350 then you also get absolute free shipping with it.  The app houses products ranging in different categories that suffices your Sunday shopping trip to a grocery store. But trust us, it’s convenient, quick and credible. Girls must check out the beauty products online for your soon-to-be empty shampoo bottles and more.

The on-demand grocery app offers ease of payment and you can pay for order online itself. First-time Customer can claim a discount of 20% over and above ongoing discount on items. Product pricing is pretty competitive but it’s the accessibility of not having to struggle through the heavy Delhi traffic to reach the grocery store that makes it all the more desirable option.

With a few taps on the phone you will have your order reach you within door hours or you can even schedule a time slot for the delivery! Another feature that gets big thumbs up from me is that if you are unsatisfied with your order, food items, grocery they the customer service team will take it back in a hassle free manner.

All in all, great services for grocery hoarders like me! With PepperTap, I can order even during weekdays and my home possessions delivered at my convenience.

Download the app here.

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