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This Viral Video Crushes Plus-Size Stereotypes In the Best Way Possible!


The Body Positive movement has been trending since quite some time but despite that plus-size girls all round the world still face serious stereotyping. An amazing video has surfaced which has gone viral  and it just completely shuts down all those ridiculous thinking!

The video lists all the False and negative things people say about plus-size girls like they never work out, they should only wear black , they can't be on magazine covers, – and shows videos and pictures of real plus-size women proving those stereotypes wrong. It features plus-size models, actresses, and bloggers, including Loey Lane, a blogger who went viral for her anti-body-shaming video.

Check out the video below and prepare for some major body ~love~.

Plus-size stereotypes that are just plain dumb
Can we squash all of these stereotypes, please?
Posted by I Heart My Body on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All women are sexy irrespective of size. Cheers to Girl Power!!!

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