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5 Juices To Try This Summer With Some Secret Ingredients!!


Being Hydrated is a huge deal ever summer. Juices not only keep us hydrated but also keep us refreshed and help us beat the heat. Just make a batch in the morning and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

WaterMelon Juice:
WaterMelon itself is super juice and refreshes us in an instant. The Juice is both pulpy and even satisfies our sweet tooth tendencies.

Secret Ingredient: Add Some Lemonade to get the Tangy Taste.

Lemon Juice
Our Most trusted “Nimbu-Paani” had to be on the list. The Lemon juice is a boon to  the people who aren’t fan of sweet juices. Its tangy and gives a twist which makes us lick our lips no matter what.

Secret Ingredient: Add Coconut water.

Mango Juice
Mango is the fruit of this season. We wait all of the summer for this fruit to come knocking and now that its finally here we need to enjoy it as much as I can. One thing is for sure homemade mango juices are way better than the shop ones...

Secret Ingredient: Add Carrots or Banana for a healthier and tastier juice.

Coconut Water/Juice

This one gives us the exact Beach Feels. A must in the summer coconut is refreshing and will leave you wanting for more.

Secret Ingredient: Add Mint Leaves

Pomegranate Juice
This juice feast to the eyes as well as works its magic in summer too. The pomegranate juice is full of flavor and a joy to your taste buds.

Secret Ingredient: Add Strawberries.

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