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Tips To Prevent Summer Acne!!


So, Summer is here and with the sunny days and super hot weather our skin seem to suffer a bit. A lot of us have severe acne breakouts in the summer. But we have these easy tips for you to follow which will reduce your acne and give you the flawless skin you want.

1. Its been said tons of times but only because its true but one can spice it up by adding fruits like orange, lemon etc to have your very own fruit infused water.

2.   Sunscreen is a must. Going outside without it is crime against your skin the sun can harm your skin twice as much as anything else so one needs to be prepared for it.

3. You have to add aloevera gel to your usual skin regime. It cools the skin and clears our pores.

4. Always keep a set of wet wipes handy as they will give you a refreshed look instantly.

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