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5 Cellphone Hacks Every Traveler MUST Know


Who doesn't love travelling? When its' about travelling , Cellphones are like our travelling partners that capture every travel destination and also help find our way through unknown places and cities. So, its very important  to take care of the phone and to save that battery to gain maximum out of the phone. Here are a few tips that every traveler should keep in mind the next time you plan a holiday:

#1 Put Your Name and Emergency Contact as Wallpaper
Change your phone's background screen to a picture of your name and an emergency contact number in case you lose your phone. Type the name, address or the important contact number into your notes, take a screenshot, and change it to your lock screen or if you don't have screen lock make it your wallpaper. And then just hope that if you loose your phone the person who finds it is a good samaritan.

#2 Screenshot Travel Directions
When travelling and using GPS you must always screenshot the direction to your travel destination and then turn off your Internet. Don't drain all your battery by relying on GPS during the drive to the venue. Instead, turn off your location services after taking the screenshot and refer to photos of the directions thereby saving battery.

#3 Take A Picture Of  Landmark 
If you are travelling by car and have parked it at a certain place you should take a picture of a landmark near where you parked your car so you can easily find it during the end of the long tiring day of sightseeing. Losing your car is the last thing you need when you're tired and just want to get back to your hotel or home.

#4 Switch Your Phone To Airplane Mode When Charging Phone
If you're not expecting any phone calls, go ahead and leave your phone on airplane mode or switch it off while it charges. This way your phone will charge faster . Always remember your phone will use up more battery if it's struggling to find cell service especially when you are on the go!

#5 Use a Zip lock bag
Put your phone in a plastic zip lock bag to prevent it from getting ruined. You'll still be able to access the buttons through the bag, and the plastic will protect it from sweat, dirt, mud, or even water!

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Keep these tips in your mind the next time you travel. Till then Happy Travelling!!!

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