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5 Revelations Made By Salman Khan About His Girlfriend Iulia Vantur!


Salman and Iulia's marriage is the talk of the town these days. Like us, everyone is curious to know, when he is getting married, when he will do the final announcements regarding his personal life. But now, Salman himself broke his silence and talked about his marriage to Mumbai Mirror. We bring to you 5 revelations made by him:

Getting Married Or Not? 
Without denying his relationship with Iulia he said," It takes two to make a marriage, one difficult partner and the other easy-to- live-with,” he points out. So, who’s the difficult one? “I am." He also added," I’m never home, I’m always surrounded by people, always working. If it’s not a movie, it’s an ad or Bigg Boss. Now there are big plans for my charity Being Human too. Along with movies and the clothing line, we will now venture into restaurants, jewellery and the digital platform. Where’s the time?”

When He Will Going To Announce His Marriage? 
He said that whenever he will get married he will Tweet about it.," These are just rumours as you said yourself. If I had got engaged or was getting married, I wouldn’t wait for the news to leak out. I would announce it myself, it would be a proud moment for me, thode hi main chup rahoonga like those yesteryear stars who hid their wives thinking that it would lessen their fan following. I know the whole country would be happy for me.”

Is He Going To Prefer Night Wedding?
On this Salman said," If it has to happen, it will. It might just happen one night, I’ll wake up in the morning to the thought, ‘Ho gayi hai, ab jhelo isse. Earlier it would have been okay. But now, at my age, marriage is a very big step." 

He Also Spoke On Having Babies:
“Yes, I’d like to have a child but the problem with that is with the child the mother comes along. If I can avoid the mother and have a child I wouldn’t mind two or three. Tell me, if there’s a solution." 

When Asked Is Iulia Really The One For Him? 
He commented on the reaction he received on Preity and Gene's wedding. He said," Was I with her or was she with my sister (Alvira)? I ran away in front. I don’t want to keep the press so busy. My private life may be national news but it’s not that important.”

Wow! We loved how he reacted on this news! We are still waiting for the official announcement! 

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