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5 Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair!


If you haven't ever dyed your hair (in a salon or at home), coloring it for the first time can be pretty intimidating or if you’re refreshing your highlights for the summer or going all out with colored dip-dye, there are a few things you need to know before going under the foils. We share some insider tips from experts on what you absolutely need to know before coloring your hair.

#1 Going Lighter is More Damaging Than Going Darker
If you’re interested in making a change, but aren’t sure which way to go, consider going darker, especially if you already have dry or damaged hair. When you are coloring darker, you are actually depositing color as opposed to stripping it out of the cortex. This is a much harsher procedure and it takes a harsher chemical - bleach. 

#2 "Virgin Hair" is Best For Coloring
The healthier your hair, the better your color will look. The less you have colored it, the easier it is for your stylist to make your new color look great. Use regular deep conditioning treatments in the weeks leading up to your appointment to get your hair in the best shape. 

#3 Don’t Wash Your Hair Ahead of Time
Don’t be embarrassed to see your stylist with dirty hair. In fact as per experts it’s best if you don’t wash ahead of time. A good rule of thumb before you get your hair colored is ‘do nothing.’ If you get your hair colored after a shampoo or stimulation it can burn your scalp. Yikes!

#4 Don’t Condition as Soon as You Leave the Salon
Experts recommend waiting a few days to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment because they can cause your color to fade. Unless you’ve bleached—then condition as soon as you like! Depending on hair type and dryness, once a week is a good regimen. If hair is really damaged, feel free to deep condition every day and consider a professional treatment at a salon. 

#5 Color-Protective Products Really Are Important
Do all those shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that claim to protect your color actually do anything? Well, yes! They are more gentle and often have essential fatty acids that help to avoid stripping hair color. Often times they don’t have surfactants or sulphates that might strip color or sebum.

Well now you know what to do before getting your beautiful locks colored! Happy coloring!

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