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Beauty Trend To Follow: Multi-Masking



Multi-masking is a super-effective skincare technique to customise your face mask especially this summers. Since most of us have combination skin, it is now important to treat each problem area separately. Our T-zone could need deep pore cleaning and while our under eyes would need instant oxygen followed by cheeks that may require brightening, which is why multi-masking is so genius!

Expert Tips: The idea is to wear three or more masks, all at the same time, to address various skincare concerns. You can even just do 2 or you can do 4 masks! Just analysie your skin, run your fingers through the face to determine which areas are dry, which are dull, which are oily and apply the products accordingly. You can even do a charcoal mask on the cheeks to control sebum production, a hydrating mask around the eye area to combat dark circles and baggy eyes and finally try a nourishing mask on your chin or on the areas that feature dry patches.

With multi-masking, you’ll be much happier with the results than just using one mask all over your face.

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