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Weight Loss Tips: 5 Ways To Get Motivated To Exercise


Are you like me who go to sleep every night promising yourself to got to gym first thing tomorrow only to wake up with that feeling hiding with you under the weight of the blanket! We all keep promising to ourselves about starting to exercise especially around new year but forget about it the very next day! Its really hard to understand those people who die to work out or go for yoga or marathon training.  Of course we all are well aware about the tremendous mental and health benefits of exercise ,we know that motivating oneself to go for a run or get to the gym can be a struggle. We have some tips that will help you get motivated and not shut that alarm clock off ever again!

#1 Set Real Achievable goals
We often tend to overwhelm ourselves with the target weight. We should take it one day at a time instead of making big goals like loosing 15 kgs in a month. Start by setting small goals like losing 2-3 kg a month . These small achievements will really help you in building confidence and you’ll be proud of yourself for overcoming small hurdles. 

#2 Remember the results 
Keep telling yourself that even if you don’t feel like working out, you’ll feel amazing when you’re done. This is really true in real life. We only need to push ourselves to get up and dress for gym and mark my words once you are there it would give you a different kind of high to see yourself burning so many calories or covering so much distance. Of course the health benefits like looking better , improved mood, higher self esteem —make it worth the effort!

#3 Dress Appropriately
Like I said the only thing to overpower is our unwillingness to dress and get ready for exercise. So, its very important to dress the part. Once you put your workout clothes on and you have won half the battle. It’s all about creating habits that will lead to change in behavior. 

#4 Exercise with a companion or group 
This particular tip has really worked for me personally. I think the best way to get motivated is to workout with a partner (can be husband, sister) or take group classes. When you have someone like a sister or a  friend counting on you accompanying them to a gym or class it definitely motivates you to go. Having someone to push you for exercise and accompanying you in the same thing really make a lot of difference.

#5 Find out the Demotivating Factor
You must try and find out what’s holding you back. Many a times people are unmotivated to exercise due to some particular reason or factor. We should sit down and make a list of reasons why we keep avoiding to exercise or go to the gym. It can be the gym atmosphere intimidating you or losing patience when you don't see results. It can be also be due to wrong timing of exercise routine. You have to carefully think about the obstacles that prevent you from exercising and once you find out the reason ,you’ll most likely find a needed solution to refuel your fitness fire.

So to win at life, girls and boys, just…


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