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6 Hair Hacks For Busy Girls!!


We girls are at times in such a rush that we just don’t do full justice to our hair. As super busy as heck, we are usually running for meetings or events. These are some definite hair hacks that will help you take care of your locks and will make you look better within minutes.

Bobby Pins
One should know the correct way of how to adjust a bobby pin because no hairstyle will stay without them. The flat side foes on top and one needs to be very gentle while removing them or will be left with broken strands of hair.

Fast Curls
You are running late but still want to rock the beachy waves? Just pull up your hair in a ponytail and then curl the. You will be done in 5 minutes flat.

Oily hair
In mid-week our bangs and fringes tend to get oily. Just wash your crown area’s hair with a bit of shampoo tying the rest of them back.

Master Go-to Hairstyles
Be fluent in the art of making a messy bun or creating an half up-do. As they will make you look good if you forget to wash your hair.

Tame Hair
We all hate flyways. Just take an old toothbrush and spray some hairspray n use it on your hair to get the sleek look.

Hair Accessory
Got a series of bad hair days? Just have a collection of hair accessories ready like head bands, or even hats so u can just put one on and get ready to go.

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  1. Nice tips, I'll never have time to stylish my hair, so I wear them natural.