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Here's Why Your Skincare Routine Should Have Facial Oils!


The beauty gurus across the globe love it and recommend everyone to incorporate in their beauty routine. Yes, we are talking about the magical facial oil, which does wonders to the skin. Ladies across the world have mixed responses for facial oil as there is a dilemma that facial oil can make their skin oily. But facial oils are infused with powerful ingredients that make your skin young, beautiful and radiant. Facial oils don't only radiate the skin, but even repair, heal damaged skin, balances oil on your face, unclogs pores and marvel's your skin to a great extent. So, if you want to bring a glow to your face, then read our top reasons on why we are gushing over facial oils.

1. Help in cleansing the skin:
Now you might wonder, how can an oil help in cleaning your face, but facial oils cleanse your face deeply. A few drops of facial oil penetrate deep into the skin and removes stubborn makeup, pollutant, grime and makes your face clean and clear.

2. Radiance:

As you age, the natural oils on your face start depleting and the moisture protective barrier breakdown making your skin dry and dull. But facial oils have the power to hydrate and bring a glow to your face. How? Oils are lipophilic (dissolve in fats) and that’s why they move swiftly into the lipid layer of your face and retain the moisture content on your face, giving a hydrating and glowing skin.

3. Perfect for sensitive skin:
Dry skin beauties love facial oil as it keeps their skin hydrated, but many oily and sensitive skin ladies wonder if facial oil could make their skin even more oily. But facial oil keeps your pores unclogged and clear from bacteria, which protects the skin from any breakouts. Also because of omega 3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes the sensitive skin and nourishes deeply. Hence we recommend oily skin ladies to try facial oil for a blemish free face.

Tip: Oily, combination, and sensitive skin beauties can prefer organic oils such as tea tree facial oil and shield their faces from acne, zits.

4. Anti-aging product:

As mentioned when you age, you start losing the natural oils, and that results in wrinkles, fine lines, dull and saggy face. But facial oils are rich in antioxidants, fatty acids that soak up into the epidermis layer and fade away the fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. With regular usage of facial oil, you turn your face into a smooth, plump and  youthful face.

5. Heals Damaged Skin:

Did you get a sunburn? Then use facial oils. Due to the presence of vitamins, essential fatty acids, they have an excellent healing property. Along with healing property, they create a barrier to protect the skin from external elements which helps in healing the skin faster. It is advised to use it even during the summers when your face is sun-kissed or tanned.

We hope you now understood the importance of facial oils, do indulge in a high-end facial oil and let the drops of facial oil do magic to your face.  

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