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Move Over Pre-Wedding Shoots, At Home Newlywed Shoots Are Now In Trend!


Pre-Wedding shoots have been an unsaid ritual in all wedding celebrations where the To-Be Bride and groom are taken to picturesque place and are clicked doing all the clich├ęd poses. But the new trend which is majorly setting in is the “Newly-Wed Shoot”. So what are these all about- well, it’s a series of photos taken right after the wedding. It is a way to showcase your new life with your partner and how the two of you are taking things together! It’s not as “filmy” and its mostly done in your own house where the photographer captures the small, cute little moments that a husband and wife share. These pictures will always be close to your heart and they will make you remember how your journey actually started. Here are some photo ideas of the newly wed couples from Pinterest that we are crushing on... 

Newlywed Photo Shoot Tips:
Make sure that you sit with your photographer few days before your shoot and let them do a recce of your home in order to be able to reflect the two of you in your shoot. Focus on daily moments of life, they can even be ordinary ones such as cooking together, cuddling on a sofa, having a meal together,watching television, going for a car ride or simply talking. Avoid getting over dressed and girls can stay away from putting bold, bright makeup. The ultimate idea of this photo shoot should be to captures the romantic, comfortable nuances of just-married life. So go take a plunge and save these photos for the years to come :)

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All images via Pinterest

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