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Introducting ‘World Interiors Day’ At Asian Paints Colour Store, Connaught Place


Interiors and home décor has always been a fascinating subject in my blogging sphere. While I love aesthetics and clean lines, I will admit that that I am certainly not one of the best persons when it comes to intelligent décor and design. When Asian Paints extended an invitation to me on the occasion of ‘World Interiors Day’, at their signature Colour Store at CP, I was happier to be a part of a session that showcased movies inspired ideas for homes. 

The Colour Store in CP is aimed at educating home enthusiasts on interior decoration and designs. Asian Paints tied up with renowned film production designer, Shruti Gupte to host an exclusive workshop who indeed helped me understand how home and office spaces can be done inspired from the popular Bollywood films. The theme for the workshop was ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’ and here are some key things that I learnt about interiors and space in this workshop-

#1 The more layering you have at your home, the more interesting the space becomes.

#2 Textures, motifs, patterns can add layers to the wall without changing the colour.

#3 To create depth in your room, panel your wallpapers

#4 Use lavender as it has a cool effect without being OTT

#5 Always give importance to the style of the room as the character of the room defines who stays in it

#6 For neat designs, create textures with gold on the wall. So when the yellow light falls on it, you get clean lines and a fresh space. 

#7 Colors and textures are not to be feared but embraced as part of our personality

#8 Our personal and professional environments are an extension of our personality and should inspire our days, help create memories or convey our aspirations.

The session helped me understand how one can elevate the look and feel of home and be experimental woth the décor choices in a fitting manner. Love how Asian Paints is determined to encourage consumer’s get inspired from their favorite films like ‘Aisha’, ‘Taare Zamin Par’, ‘Khoobsurat’, ‘Lunch Box’ and others. 

Through examples of her films, Shurti spoke about the importance of characters and their inspiration while decorating their homes and setting up the space. Asian Paints now help consumers choose the right colour, help them experience the look through interesting DIY activities at the Colour Store. The expansive store at CP can help one with new ideas to do up their spaces with on trend styles and colours.

From #StatementFurniture to the colour theory, the Asian Paints Color store is one stop shop for all things home decor and needs. Before I sign off, thank you for an immense response to our contest. 

AND guys, wait no more and check out the Asian Paints Colour Store for home solutions and colour consultancy for your personal space ☺ 

*Guiltybytes X Asian Paints

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