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6 Tricks To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro


Applying eyeliner is an art and if you have mastered this art, then it means you have steady hands and a bunch of tricks. If you are a newbie or find difficult to wear winged eyeliner, then you would have read numerous tricks and tips post that can perfect your liner. From scotch tape to business cards you would have tried various tricks that can fetch you the perfect stroke. But in this post we aren't sharing the same tricks, instead, we share 5 tricks that will give you the intense cat eye or winged eye look.
1. Do your hands become unstable while applying eyeliner? Then the quick way to solve this problem is to create the line using a pencil liner and then sketch it with liquid liners.
2. For the perfect winged look, instead of sketching from the eye to the brow, you can draw the flick towards your eye. Instead of upward direction when you draw your eyes in the backward direction you will get perfect winged eyes.

3. For all the newbies if you are struggling even with the normal liner look, then ease the eyeliner process by lining the eyes with dots and then connect them. Voila, this will give you the eyeliner look which you wanted. Make sure that the dots are small, also instead of dots, you can even connect the horizontal lines for a perfect look.
4. Bring an intense yet natural look by tightening your liner. Take a kohl pencil and the way you fill your waterline, fill the inner side of your top lashes and you are good to go, your eyelashes will look fuller too.
5. It is so natural to get smudges while applying the liner, worry not you can hide the smudges either using a concealer or with skin colored eyeliner. This will save you from redoing your makeup.  In case you don't have colored skin colored eyeliner you can even use a foundation with Q-tip and fade the smudges.
6. Did you know that you could use mascara as your eyeliner? If your eyeliner bottle has turned empty, then you can take your thin makeup brush and rub it on the mascara wand. It will transfer the product and you can use it as your eyeliner. Wasn't this the easy solution for your dried or empty eyeliner bottle?
Do you have any more eyeliner tricks and tips in mind? Then do share with us in the comments below.

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