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Karan Patel Opens Up On Insulting Media At Divyanka And Vivek's Reception!


Divyanka and Vivek hosted the grand reception in Mumbai for their friends from TV Industry, but there were rumors doing rounds that Divyanka's co star Karan Patel misbehaved with media. According to Pinkvilla sources,"Karan and Ankita reached the venue and even before they got off the car, the media was all over them.The source also stated that Karan initially requested them to stay a little away and give the couple space to get off the car. He also assured that bytes would be given to all but it seems it all went in vain."

While talking to Pinkvilla, Karan stated,"The media was barely at arms length when I requested them to stay a little away and bytes would be given to all. I got unnerved when I realised it was almost a stampede. I was afraid someone would get hurt and hence I walked away. I have no explanation to offer or even want to consider explaining myself beyond this to the media and the stories that have come out." He further stated, "It's just sad that one's attitude is always speculated even if you haven't done anything wrong. I have always loved the media and will continue to, but I do feel with due respect to all concerned  that surrounding us and giving us no space to move becomes difficult when you are out with family. Rest, my life is an open book! You are welcome to speculate and I would offer explanations only where needed and let go off the rest. For now, it was Divyanka and Vivek's reception. Please let's not take it away away from them. It was a lovely evening where we all got together apart from shoot. I enjoyed myself and am sure every one else did too. My family and I wish Divyanka and Vivek a happy married life."

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