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Top Benefits of The Indian Lilac- Neem For Skin, Hair and Health


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Neem the Indian lilac is also called the village pharmacy as it cures every disease and glorifies health. Neem is one of the ancient Indian herbs that has been used in several medicines, treatments and even in beauty products. Neem leaves, seeds, and bark contain compounds called limonoids that have antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal properties that even treat the mighty Cancer. It is the wonder plant that not only aids in good health but even does wonders for your skin and health. Let's find out how neem can boost your overall health.

1. Cures acne and breakout:
It has antibacterial properties that remove bacteria from your skin surface and keep your skin clean and clear. If you have acne prone skin, then use neem oil to reduce acne. Also, you can wash your face with neem extract and ward off bacteria, excessive oil.

2. Reduces signs of aging:
It promotes the buildup of collagen, which maintains the elasticity of your skin, also it fights free radicals and retains the supple and youthful look of your skin.

3. Reduces pigmentation:
Neem oil reduces the production of melanin, which fades the blemishes, spots and even lightens the skin tone.

4. Fights skin cancer:
The limonoids present in neem bark seeds help in fighting cancer cells and hence it can even be used as anti-UV rays product that would protect you from skin damage.

5. Hydrates the skin:
Dry skin beauties involve neem in your beauty regime as it replenishes the skin and increases the moisture content. Use neem as a face mask and keep your skin moisturised and free from flaky and itchy skin.

1. Reduces premature greying:
If you are suffering from gray hairs, then make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on your scalp. It will reduce grey hair and even condition your hair.

2. Promotes hair growth:
Hair Fall is a most common hair problem of every girl, you can bring an end to your hair fall issues by applying neem hair masks, it promotes healthy hair growth.

3. Manages frizzy hair:
Neem acts as an excellent conditioner, it will smoothen your frizzy hair and turn it soft. Apply neem oil on a regular basis and soften your frizzy hair.

4. Controls hair lice:
Fed up of the lice, then make a paste of neem and apply it on your hair from roots to tips. The neem oil disrupts the lice life cycle and removes it completely from your hair.

5. Healthy scalp:
A healthy scalp reduces dandruff, hair fall, greasy hair. Make your scalp healthy with neem, it will kill the bacteria and cleanse your scalp promoting good hair texture.

1. Blood purifier:
Neem not only cleanses your scalp and face, but it even removes the toxins from the blood which helps in a clear skin and healthy body.

2. Stress reliever:
Neem oil can de-stress your body and calm your nerves. It is a perfect spa oil, which would reduce your stress level and keep you rejuvenated.
3. Reduces blood sugar level:
Neem acts as an insulin and works effectively with type 2 diabetic patients. You can drink neem juice or neem tea and bring down the sugar level.

4. Relieves joint pains:
People suffering from arthritis can massage neem oil on their joints, it rebuilds weaker bones and provides a relief from joint pain.

5. Fights malaria:
Neem bark has compounds that fight malaria and controls the fever levels. The antimalarial properties not only combats malaria but even boosts the immune system of the patient.

Have any more benefits of neem? Then do share with us in the comments below.

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