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5 Tips Every Best Friend Of The Bride Needs To Know!


Your best friend is getting married? Now, that's a big news and time for a big party, but, wait, if you are just here to have fun then think again. Your best friend needs you by her side at all the times, you need to do countless tasks, listen to her rants, and her problems on those Bridezilla days. So, before you commit being the best bridesmaid here are few things you must know. 

#1 Be right there!
No matter what, just stick to her even if she says you to go away and let her be herself. She is going through a roller coaster with most of ups and little downs. She needs you there right by her side, calming her down and making sure  that things will be alright.

#2 Always suggest!
There is nothing more soothing than to have an ear to listen, understand and suggest, because of the times the whole world will think every colour heels goes well with a peach lehenga. But only a bride's best friend knows what will suit her best. So, keep yours ears open and your critic at bay and suggest her the right option.

#3 Always think about her!
It's her big  day, so please put her needs before yourself. Make her feel special after all these days won't come again and we are sure, she will do the same for you, when your time will come. Let her be the Princess with the crown.

#4 Help her to remain calm!
Yes, most of the times, brides get so anxious, they turn into Bridezilla. So, as a Bridesmaid it becomes your duty to keep her clam, have time out days and to make sure she relaxes and don't stress over little things.

#5 Keep a plan B ready Always!
Whether your best friend asks you or not, keep a plan B ready for her. As we are sure there are no weddings that go well perfectly. Keep a utility bag with you all the time with all the emergency items. 

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