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8 Type of Makeup Brushes For a Beginner's Beauty Bag !


How your makeup looks depends a lot on what Tools you have used to get that look.Makeup Brushes, as we all know can be so tricky to understand sometimes and also confusing as to which ones to buy and how to exactly use them.
Im listing down 12 Type of Makeup Brushes that would complete your makeup brush set !

  1. Flat Top Kabuki Brush : This is a perfect Brush for the application of Foundation and concealers.The Flat Top Kabuki Brush Gives a beautiful high coverage and it's extremely easy to use as well.
  2. Powder brush : Powder brushes are like these big fluffy brushes that help apply compact and setting powders very easily without leaving any marks or anything .I love how a soft powder
    brush feels .
  3. Blush brush : As the name suggests is a brush used to apply blush to the apple of the cheeks
    .They are not as dense as the Powder Brushes and also has a slight dome shape of the bristles.
  4. Lash and Brow Brush : This is a really important brush as this will help to tame and set your eyebrows and keep them in place , definitely a must buy for everyone.
  5. Fan Brush : Fan brushes look so cute as well as has multiple uses,I use A fan brush to get that perfect highlight on the high points of the face,Its great to even apply very light tinge of a blush and can be used to even dust out any excess product or powder on the face.
  6. Angled Brush : An angles brush is great when you need to apply your gel eyeliner and get a really sleep and perfect liner .Even making a winged eyeliner is very easy with the help of this brush.
  7. Flat eyeshadow brush : This brush is used to apply the eyeshadows at specific places and are often used to pat the product .A must have for any beginner starting out with eye makeup.
  8. Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush : A very important brush when it comes to blending of the eye shadows.Its very important to have a good blending brush so that the eye shadow looks seamless ! 

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