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Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin !


Summers and oily skin are a bad combination.Summers can be so tuff to deal with especially when it comes to makeup.Half of the time the makeup melts and goes all away because of sweat.
Oily skin beauties really need to take care of their makeup in summers.Here are few Tips that will help the makeup stay for a longer time.

  • The first and the most step in any makeup routine is Cleansing and using the right cleansers for the face.It's highly important to use a face wash which is specifically made for oily skin that can control the excess oil or sebum .Also, a toner should be definitely applied to maintain the PH balance of the skin.
  • Just because the skin texture is oily doesn't mean you wouldn't need a moisturizer.An oil free moisturizer is a perfect option.It helps give the nourishment and also controls excess dewiness
  • The star would be a Primer  Primer plays a huge role in the summer especially for oily skin people.Applying a primer before you start your base makeup will make it last really long and also makes the skin texture better.Primer very nicely holds the makeup together.So, guys, a primer is a must.
  • Setting the foundation for oily skin and in summers is like a definite must.Using a compact or setting powder will mattify the face and keep the sweat away.Best is to carry a compact powder along and apply little bit whenever required.
  • To remove excess oil when you have makeup applied the best thing is to carry Blotting Paper and dab off any sweat you have.
  • Use makeup products made for oily skin textures and have long lasting powers.
  • Use light weight products so that the skin can breathe.

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