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5 Reasons Why Fauji Dads Rule The World!


1. Having a fauji dad means falling in love with a HERO because they risk their lives for people they don't even know!

2. Having a fauji father means being in public when he is in his uniform and feeling like the proudest person on the planet!

Meet My Father...

3. You exactly know what a beary tight hug means when you see your fauji dad at home after months and months of his deployment!

4. No matter whatever the technology may be, Fauji dads are experts in writing letters. And yes, that's why all your 'being sick' applications at schools were drafted by him, always!

5. Fauji dads will always tell you to keep your head up because god gives his hardest battle to his strongest soldiers.

And then they will confirm it over and over till you get their whole point!

Dedicated to my daddy who is serving in The Indian Army! Happy Father's Day to all daddies across 

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  1. Happy Fathers' Day!
    Proud to be a fauji brat and proud to be a fauji's beti. <3

    All points are exactly perfect!
    Thank you for this. :D

  2. so proud to be a fauji kid, i love my Dad. great post!