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8 Signs You Are A Female Mechanical Engineering Student In India


Guess what is it like being a female mechanical engineering student in India? This one's for all my engineer gaaaaarll-fraaands :p

1. Being a female mechanical engineering student is like being a "straight" fashion designer.

2. If you were never used to wolf whistles, cat calls & stares since your teens, it will all begin here...atleast the stares.

3. You don't know what to wear when the class is observing a 'tie day'.

4. There is no one to 'Maaro Your Proxy', and neither can you ask anyone to. In short you have no friends in class.

5. You inadvertently become the 'ideal' student when you find yourself alone in the class because no one cared to tell you about the 'mass bunk'

6. In the workshop while some guys would look steaming hot in their 'boiler suits', you will be the only one looking like destined to space.

7. All the time in your class you feel like you belong to one of those 'not so cool' places with a sex ratio of 30 males to a female.

8. And you can forget about a job in a manufacturing facility becuase you won't want the sex ratio to change to 600 males to 'a' female.

Well we sympathize with you all, but we also know that the being the only girl in a mechanical engineering department had it's own charm, isn't it?

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