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Everything You Needed To Know About PCOS, Facial Hair, PCOS Infertility, Diet And More!


So, all you ladies out there may already know that September is observed as the PCOS awareness month worldwide, but many women still are clueless about PCOS and its symptoms and treatment even now.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition affecting almost 1 out of 5 women the world over, wherein one develops cysts in their ovaries which lead to multitude of problems like hormonal imbalance, acne, weight gain…so on and so forth, basically all the things women dread come to them!

You'll hear doctors say that PCOS cannot be cured and you'll have to be on medication all your life and they couldn't be more wrong. Although, it's true that it cannot be cured, but it CAN be treated and and you too can live a completely normal life and have cute li'l babies (contrary to popular belief)! Read on as we list down the major problems that plague PCOS, the myths around them and how to bust them :)

If you have PCOS you must be overweight…ermmm NOT!
It is true that PCOS causes your insulin to go completely bonkers which can make you gain weight and make it harder for you to shed it, but it is completely false to say that PCOS only affects women with weight issues. Even a completely normal weight girl can have PCOS. That does NOT mean you should disregard the possibility of gaining weight, being overweight will just worsen your PCOS. So it's best to eat healthy, indulge in light exercise and steer clear of those guilty bites ;)

GB Tip: Whole foods, fruits and vegetables are your best friends if you have PCOS. Ditch the caffeine, refined flour and sugar! Learn how to make healthy, yummy foods here.

You can also add this fat free pizza recipe or this gluten free pancake recipe to your diet.


PCOS and acne are best of friends - True Story!
Acne beyond the teenage years, especially around the jawline and chin, is a clear tell-tale sign of PCOS. Not all women get acne in PCOS, but if you are the unlucky lot, know the difference between cystic acne and the usual acne. All acne is a form of hormonal imbalance and cystic acne can be difficult to deal with, both physically and emotionally, but remember girls, it makes you no less B-E-A-utiful! :)
GB Tip: Avoid touching the affected areas and try to figure out the trigger foods and times of your breakout. Instead of fretting over them, resort to dadi maa ke nuske to soothe your acne. Fuller's earth, gram flour, green tea and turmeric should be your closet essentials.

You can even try this home made green tea scrub to soothe your skin texture.

The Hair Scare!
Hair issues that come with PCOS seem never-ending, don't they ladies? Some of us lose them, some of us get them (all in the wrong places!) Hirsutism or excessive hair growth on the chin, neck, chest can be a particular self esteem killer and is a classic PCOS symptom, but it can be kept in a check with a  number of ways. Same goes with thinning of the hair.

GB Tip: Pluck out the excessive hair or bleach it. DO NOT wax or use a razor on your face, you do not want a stubble now do you? If all fails, consult a dermatologist for a laser hair removal.  Also, learn the type of make up you can do to dress up! 

Try the below given cover-up maybe?

Early to bed, early to rise, makes your ovaries healthy, wealthy and wise! ;) 
We cannot stress the importance of maintaining a proper lifestyle in the battle of PCOS. Many women think that medication replaces the need of a good lifestyle and a good diet and they could not be more fooled in believing so. PCOS is a lifestyle disease and only with a balanced, healthy lifestyle can you seek to keep it control.
GB Tip: Ideally, you should wake with the sun and go to bed as it sets, sadly our modern lifestyles do not allow us that luxury. Instead try to get  proper 8 hours of sleep and tuck yourself in before 11pm. Eat healthy, small meals with a gap of 3 hours along with lots of water and exercise at least thrice a week, even if it is a simple walk.

The Pill - Enough said!
Contraceptive pills are the first thing gynaes give out to treat PCOS along with insulin controlling medicines. The use of the pill is highly debatable and we'd say always consult a few doctors before you start to take them. They can do more harm than good to your body if taken regularly as they just make your body 'believe' it is functioning fine by the synthetic hormones they contain. And the moment you go off the pill, the PCOS symptoms return. 

GB Tip: Try homeopathy or alternate therapy to treat the signs and symptoms of PCOS as it causes less side effects. Try visiting an endocrinologist instead of a gynaecologist for a more holistic approach in treating PCOS.

All said and done, don't forget to be happy and keep stress free and remember that you aren't alone in this struggle against PCOS. Stress only elevates all symptoms of PCOS. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body! 

Do share with us your thoughts on PCOS, what has worked for you and what not, we would love to hear from you! 

….And remember, to always keep it fabulous and love yourself, with or without PCOS! :)

- Mansha Dua for @Teamguiltybytes

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