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5 Hair Conditioners We Swear By this Winter Season


Dry, brittle hair is the last thing you would want especially with so many Christmas and New Year parties on your list. Our hair tend to get super dry due to the chilly winter breeze and all they need is a good dose of conditioning.
Skipping your conditioner after a head-wash is never advisable and so we have a list of 5 conditioners for you to chose from according to your hair-type which can save your hair and provide them with the much needed moisture.

1. Bblunt Full-on Volume Conditioner (INR 375) 
 Since the hair tend to weigh down and look flat during the winters, this conditioner is designed especially for fine hair by the Indian brand Bblunt. It is a must have for thin hair with less bounce and volume as this conditioner is a major volume booster.

2. Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner (INR 85)
If you love your hair appliances and styling your hair every single day, swear by this conditioner to repair your hair back to normal. Preventing split-ends and breakage, this conditioner can help you achieve healthier and shinier locks from the first wash.


3. Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Conditioner (INR 725)
Argan Oil and Shea Butter are experts in their job. Providing long-lasting nourishment to the hair, the Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter Conditioner is perfect for the dry winter season.


4. L'oreal Professional Volumetry Conditioner (INR 525)
A bit on the expensive side, this conditioner can be trusted completely. It lasts a long time and gives the hair a healthy bounce and lots of volume with repeated use.


5. The Body Shop Rainforest Volumising Conditioner (INR 795)
No one knows skin care and hair care better than The Body Shop. The Rainforest Volumising Conditioner, again costs a heavy on the pocket but the 250 ml packaging foes a long way. It adds a subtle shine to the hair making it look healthier and winter-ready.

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