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Why You Should Not Use Your Lipstick As An Eyeshadow!


There are some Pinterest hacks that you should never ever ever use for alternatives even if you see multiple images for that hack! I know so many people who use different makeup products as a multipurpose element for instance using lipsticks as a blush on or an eyeshadow. While there are many products that can be use for multi purpose function, there are two products that you shouldn't experiment with! 

1. Don't Use Lipstick As Eyeshadow

It not only sinks into crease area on your eyes but also makes for a bad choice of concealer. Most of lipsticks contain carmine that not only stains the lips but can cause serious allergies on the eyes. Avoid it for itchiness,, watery eyes or swelling!

Check out my video on a super simple eyeshadow tutorial using single colour (powder).

2. Don't Use Lipgloss As A Face Highlighter

The simple reason is that it looks unflattering! I know gloss has that sheen you are trying to achieve with a highlighter, but it doesn't control the lighting on your face as it tends to get messy sincne it won't set on your skin. If you don't want a smeared face then pt for a power highlighter or a cream based highlighter. 

Check out my video on on how you can highlight and contour using a powder highlighter

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