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A Heart Felt Message To My Best Friend On Her Wedding!


To My Very Best Friend Sanchita,

We are one month close to your wedding and I couldn’t be happier for you as you embark on the next stage (that we dreamt together) with the man you love. As I sit to write this post, I recall on our journey of friendship and how this photo shoot was always so important to me. While everyone gets a pre-wedding shoot done, I wanted to capture you as you, a bride-to-be who is lost in her own wonderland. And finally, here are the photos you have been waiting for.

Looking at you, I reminisce on our ride of friendship, love, and sister hood and all we have been through together. I know just how important you have been to me, how much I love and admire you for all the strength you have. I also know that our journey will change but wait, I am not sad. I am in fact excited as heck to be with you, stand next to you as you walk down your way to the stage in that dream lehenga we made together. It may come together all at once, the ring exchange, the wedding, new family and some one by your side always. Just remember how we use to play basketball (when we were the losing team), take it slow just like that from wherever you are. Don’t get worked up and tell yourself that it is not for anyone but for you that you shouldn’t go numb on your big day. Enjoy every moment but most importantly, retain it. 

It will be a happy day and it’s okay if you get a little sad but just know that we are all with you as you pause and look back. I am extremely proud of you for the person you have become. Above all, I hope you don’t get lost in the scheduling, getting ready, relatives and stress that may come with the celebrations. Don’t forget that it is going to be about you and your worthy prince. 

It is going to be beautiful; and I can't wait to be by your side, watching you become the most beautiful bride right out of a fairytale! 

Love always,

Shot and conceptualized (c) Guiltybytes. Location courtesy: Neemrana

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  1. Beautifully written and wonderfully captured. God bless your friendship. And Sanchita ur gonna make a one helluva rocstar bride!

  2. Love it! This gives me #Friendshipgoals