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Our Readers Share 5 Weight Loss Tips For Beginners!


Before you start to lose weight or even fret over it, here are five common mistakes/insights that I gathered from our readers that will hep you to start your 2016 on a much healthier note. Losing wight was never easy and it never is, you need to put in hard work, dedication and motivate yourself timely. First things first, make realistic goals in the very first month and then continue to inspire yourself by telling your fam to nudge you or by putting alarms on your phone and more. Nevertheless, here are 5 insights and tips for everyone who is about to embark on a weight loss journey...

#1 Leave That Spoon Alone (Not Inside The Jar):
A lot of our readers told us that they replaced peanut butter is full of heart-healthy fats, it's not void of calories- one tablespoon contains 105. Be aware of portion sizes when it comes to whole grains, nuts, seeds and health food store snacks.

#2 No Meat, No Dairy:
Focus more on fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, a vegan diet may help some to achieve their goal but a vegn diet with pastas and breads and dairy products will take you no where! 

#3 Take Walk To Next Level:
Walking is definitely a good workout but in order to lose weight you must burn at least 3500 calories a week which means walking alone won't do. Walking for 30 mins will burn about 120 calories hence you need to speed up and run. One has to kick up the intensity and length of the workouts.

#4 Flavour Water For Detoxification
Drinking 10-12 glasses of water is unreal (kudos to the ones who can) but those who can't plain water won't just do the trick. You can make detox water by adding some greens like kale, cucumber, lemon juice to your daily water jar and get some amazing results (It did work for our reader Ritu Srivastava).

#5 Time To Dig In:
If one wants the reward of the workout then don't do it with food. If one is exercising and eating more then they had burned, which will not reduce the weight even get higher on scale.

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